Professional Tickets Sales for Amateur Organisations

Amateur Box Office Ltd (ABOL) provides the technical infrastructure to enable small groups and societies to manage the sale of venue tickets on-line, by post, telephone and uniquely in a kiosk environment, 24 hours a day.

Traditional amateur ticket sales have required that all the available tickets are pre-printed, and batches handed to the different outlets to sell. This often causes disappointment for the customer, since their favourite seats may be available, but not from the outlet they have chosen.

The heart of the ABOL system is a central on-line database of seats and bookings, ensuring all your tickets are available to all your outlets, whilst ensuring that they cannot be sold twice.

No other system provides the same features as ABOL, which has been developed from scratch with amateur organisations in mind. The system is user friendly, so anyone that is comfortable browsing the web will have no trouble using our system.

If you get stuck, we are just an email or phone call away!

Take a look at some of the system features